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    Domboshava Caves- A National
    Heritage Site
    Domboshava, lies 27km north of Harare, a short drive out from the busy city into the more dusty
    rural landscapes that lead to the “RED ROCK” – a direct Shona translation of the name Domboshava.
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    Everything starts with water -
    Water is life!
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    Organic &
    Nutrition gardens
    Knowing that there is a viable and readily available market encourages
    the farmers to concentrate on producing good quality produce.

The Domboshava Community Project


  1. Respect and understand the effects of the weather patterns - Climate change determines food availability.

  2. Respect food for the life sustaining necessity - It is not just some "thing" that comes wrapped in cellophane and ready to heat and eat.

  3. Respect Life - For those who eat meat must acknowledge that something died so you could live.

  4. Respect Food as Medicine, Nutrition & Nourishment.

  5. Respect Humanity - We all need food to survive and we need to respect each other at all stages of the life cycle including all levels of the production of food to the table.

  6. Respect & Understanding - That is what we have lost in the brave new world of factory farms and mass food production resulting in so much food wastage and world hunger.

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