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Family to Family (F2F) model promotes Nutritional Gardens and Organic Farming Projects in the Domboshava Village Community.

My name is Sylvia Hove and I am the founder and Trustee of Fishers Foundation- The Domboshava community project. I was born, raised and educated in Zimbabwe and l currently live in the USA.

My passion is community development, the environment, cultural tourism and food security both in Zimbabwe and the USA - Project Grow Again and Project Grow Again Pictures. I believe in making a difference where ever I am in the community. I am on several boards and committees in a number of organizations in my community of Highland Park NJ where we fundraise for student scholarships and also help to provide food for the Highland Park community Food pantry and Give a Hoot programs.

As a Shona and Cultural consultant, I have worked with McCarter Theater in Princeton, Woolly Mammoth Theater in DC, the Wilma theater in Philadelphia, Yale Drama School and Playwrights Horizons on Danai Gurira's two Plays 'The Convert' and 'Familiar'. I also helped with some Shona on the production 'Breakfast with Mugabe' which was off Broadway.

Some 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. That's about one in nine people on earth. If women farmers had the same access to resources as men, the number of hungry people in the world could be reduced by up to 50 million. Small scale farmers also feed about 80% of the world's population around the world.

Culture is very important to me. It all started with a search for truth to the many unanswered questions about life in general and purpose. I asked many questions to different people about my culture, lineage and spirituality and l always hit a brick wall. Most of the answers to my questions came through my involvement with the Domboshava community in the Mashonaland East province which is situated 27km from the capital city of Harare.

On the ground in Zimbabwe:

Norma Riepenhausen manages the Harare Zimbabwe office and works directly with our Village Coordinators who are the links to our village communities. Our main coordinator Brilliant Ngoshi, disseminates learning materials, seeds, inputs, takes pictures and takes care of the community records. The selected households in the villages concentrate on sustainable small-scale farming, holistic management practices and food forest gardens. Fishers Foundation assists the community efforts by giving financial support, providing educational materials, organizing and giving training, providing building materials, networking and connecting them to the available viable markets whilst encouraging financial independence. Social entrepreneurship is encouraged so as not to totally rely on donations. Small holder farmers need to change agricultural practices through observations of climatic and environmental change. Women appear to be less adaptive because of financial or resource constraints as a result of male domination in receiving information and extension services. The available adaptation strategies tend to create higher labour loads for women.

This passion to invest from the grassroots was inspired by the late Dr. Zvarimwa who believed in water harvesting and good agricultural practices. Our environment should be better than what it is today. The selected villages in the Domboshava community are embarking on permaculture, holistic management practices, small grain farming and water harvesting to help improve their environment and reforestation. The community is a vibrant one which grows kale and tomatoes on a very large scale for the local and urban market. Unfortunately, their profits are minimal because of lack of crop diversity or intercropping. Growing food for supermarkets and restaurants especially organic will improve their livelihoods. Nutritional gardens will benefit food availability throughout the season especially when water is easily accessible.

Domboshava Projects field-work.

As a community We believe that a Band Aid will only mask and temporarily take care of the problem instead of getting rid of it. The saying teach me how to fish instead of giving fish is what our communities believe is the way forward. The community's aspirations are to be the-bread basket again and to help feed the world as resembled by our Logo.

My mother is Soko Murehwa and she comes from Shamu Village Govera Domboshava; My father is Matemayi (Mbano) and comes from Goromonzi Chikwaka in Mashonaland East province. My grandfather Sande Mashonga moved to Hurungwe where my father grew up. My link to these villages is through my lineage which is integral part of my culture. My passion is working with communities where I can relate in terms of land ownership, chieftainships and our totems. Culture and knowing our heritage is very important and it determines who we are as a people and will help us as a Nation to go back to our roots and possibly improve our livelihoods.

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Fishers Foundation assists the communities' efforts financially, through education and training, providing building materials, networking and connecting them with viable markets whilst encouraging financial independence.

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