Dr. Zvarimwa

There is a time in life where someone might reach a crossroad and a choice has to be made to get a sense of direction and it requires a search for a road map. The journey of life is rather complicated, filled with mysteries, wonder, twists and turns that may map out who a person
can become.

The right choices come from the heart, so the condition of your heart, mind, body and soul will lead to your ultimate destiny. To know purpose and life’s journey, a person may require some understanding of who they really are, their heritage, culture and history.

Dr Zvarimwa in his own intricate ways sometimes, totally confusing showed me, left a wealth of knowledge and a road map for me to use to find my ancestry. This spiritual journey is self explanatory in the recordings on this page. The recordings are mainly in Shona. Zvarimwa specifically asked me to record our conversations so that l could share with those who understand what is being said. During the process l thought it was just a journey to self discovery but it has yielded a deep understanding of why he had to be in my life for that short space of time. The recordings are timeless.

World peace, food security and the environment is a topic of discussion everywhere and for a man living in a simple hut in the middle of a historic place called Domboshava, all these topics were explained to me in a voice l could relate to and l will forever cherish the one year spent under the teachings of the wise man -ZVARIMWA (Zva-ari-Mwari) who also worked closely with Dr Michael Gelfand.

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Dr Zvarimwa: Died June 16, 2010.
The Domboshava Project is dedicated in his honor and in loving memory.

Dr Zvarimwa explaining about who he is.

Zvarimwa talking about the importance of the family structure and a person’s role in our culture.

Zvarimwa explaining about thanksgiving to our ancestors.

Mai Zvarimwa explaining his death

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